New Process For COVID-19 Vaccinations By The Frederick County Health Department

Those born in 1947 and before are a priority.              


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Health Department has begun providing the COVID-19 vaccinations to those between  65 and 74. But spokeswoman Rissah Watkins says due to limited supplies of the vaccine, not everyone in that age group will be first in line to get their shots. “Anyone can pre-register by completing our vaccine entrance form,” she says. “As we are able with our vaccine supply, we sending links to clinics to people in groups in 1A, 1B and people who were born in 1947 or earlier.”

When those born in 1947 and earlier are mostly vaccinated, Watkins says vaccinations will be extended to those born in 1948 and on down the line.

Those in groups 1A and 1B include front line medical workers, first responders such as police officers, fire fighters and medics, nursing home residents and staff, Marylanders in assisted living facilities, individuals in congregate facilities,  teachers and child care providers,  and those 75 and older.

Even you are eligible for an appointment, Watkins says it may be a while before you receive your coronavirus shot because supplies of the vaccine are limited. “Since we’ve just opened to a new group, I would expect it will take us several weeks to get through everyone who was born in 1947 and before because we still have other groups in 1A and other groups in 1B that we’re working on vaccinating as well,” she says.

Watkins says so far, the vaccination clinics have gone  very well despite the limited vaccine supply. “We have had some lines, especially on days when bad weather is in the forecast. And that’s mostly because people are trying to show up a bit early for their appointments in hopes to avoid some of the weather that might be coming a little later,” she says.

Watkins says it’s best to show up as close as possible to your appointment time. She says arriving early will cause long lines at the clinics.

If your appointment is set and you’ve received a link, Watkins says don’t share. . “It creates a lot of frustration. People who are not eligible for that clinic might be turned away. And we understand, everyone is anxious to get the vaccine. So that is not a pleasant experience for anyone and really want to avoid that,” she says.

Watkins says anyone can register for an appointment, even though those born in 1947 and before, and individuals in groups 1A and 1B are first in line. They can go on line to If they’re looking for another provider, they can go to For those without internet access, they can call 301-600-7900. Those who speak Spanish can call 301-600-7905.


By Kevin McManus