Bill To Allow Voters To Decide On Filling Frederick County School Board Vacancies To Be Rewritten

Local Delegation members confused about a mention of candidates receives next highest vote total.


Annapolis, Md (KM) Legislation covering vacancies on the Frederick County Board of Education has been tabled by the local Legislative Delegation.   During a meeting on Monday,  lawmakers say the bill needs to be rewritten so that it’s understandable.

The bill, if passed, would require that some vacancies on the Board of Ed would be filled by the voters. If a Board member’s seat become vacant 30 days or more before the candidate filing deadline, persons interested in the job who file to run would have their names placed on the ballot during the next primary or general election. There would be no special election.

“So this allows the voters to come into a mid-term election for that Board of Ed seat and elect somebody for it rather than have that position be appointed,” said County Executive Jan Gardner. “So the goal–this is Councilman Steve McKay’s bill–is to give the voters a voice rather than have that person appointed for the entire time.”

Currently, all School Board vacancies are filled by the County Executive who makes an appointment which is voted on by the County Council.

During the discussion on Monday, Legislators were confused over language in the bill which mentions a candidates who receives the next highest vote total. State Senator Ron Young said a rewrite of this bill is necessary. “I understand the intent now,” he said. “But if all of us are having trouble understanding it, what; the general public going to do.”

The vote to have this legislation rewritten passed unanimously.

No future meeting was scheduled to vote on the revised measure.



By Kevin McManus