Md. Governor Hogan Discusses National Infrastructure Initiative at U.S. Senate Hearing

He says infrastructure, especially roads, is important for economic recovery from pandemic


Annapolis, MD (KB) On Wednesday, Governor Larry Hogan discussed the importance of national infrastructure at a U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing.

“As chairman of the National Governor’s Association, pre-COVID, I launched a national infrastructure initiative, which was focused on repairing and modernizing America’s infrastructure in ways that will drive long-term economic growth, while addressing short-term recovery needs,” he stated.

The Governor discussed how the State of Maryland has handled transportation issues.

“We’ve taken a balanced approach, an all-inclusive approach to infrastructure,” he explained. “We’re moving forward on nearly all of the highest priority transportation projects in every jurisdiction all across our state, and investing far more in roads and transit than any other administration in Maryland history.”

Hogan urged Senators to improve the way projects are delivered, such as a two-year goal for completion of environmental reviews, and a 90-day timeline for project authorizations.

The Governor said infrastructure, such as transportation, is key for economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.