Lando To Take Over As Frederick Police Chief Mon., Mar. 8th

Mayor believes he will be well received in Frederick.






Frederick, Md (KM) There will be a new police chief in Frederick on Monday, March 8th, when Jason Lando will take over the position.

Mayor Michael O’Connor says he believes the Frederick community will be receptive to Lando, who comes from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. He started there as an officer, and worked his way up to commander.

During a recent appearance on WFMD’s “Morning News Express,” O’Connor said Lando has worked hard to change the perception of police among some of the marginalized neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, and that skill will be important when he takes over as Frederick’s Police Chief. “There is a lack of trust amongst our minority and immigration community,” he said. ” And we need to do a better job in inviting those communities to be a partner with our police department.”

“Those marginalized communities are often the ones who can be most victimized by crime,” Mayor O’Connor continues. “And when our officers are there trying to investigate, we need to figure out how to get as much cooperation as we can.”

O’Connor said Lando served five years as a commander of Zone Five in Pittsburgh, which is a challenge when it comes to law enforcement. He says Lando increased safety and engaged with residents in that part of the city of Pittsburgh. “Over his five years, there was substantial reduction in complaints against police officers, about a 45% reduction, and a 10% reduction in crime across most categories,” he said. “He has a proven record in communities where they have issues.”

Lando was chosen after a nearly year-long search for a new police chief.



By Kevin McManus