Frederick Mayor Says Investigation Into Alleged Sexual Harassment By Alderman Wilson Will Continue

Several members of the Board of Aldermen expressed support for an independent investigation









Statement from Frederick City Hall:

“Today, the City of Frederick received a copy of a notice of tort claim sent from Alderman Wilson’s lawyers. The City also received a copy of a statement released by Alderman Wilson to the Frederick News-Post. The City has been asked to comment on each of these matters.

While the City generally does not make public comment on open investigations and potential litigation, several aspects of the letter and statement are factually inaccurate. After the initial allegations of sexual harassment were made in December 2020 against Alderman Wilson, he and other members of the Board of Aldermen expressed support for an independent investigation. The City acted on that consensus and consulted with its liability insurance carrier. On or about Jan. 21, Alderman Wilson reversed his position and through his personal lawyer expressed a desire not to have the City investigate this matter.

In response to Alderman Wilson’s reversal, Mayor Michael O’Connor announced that the decision on whether to investigate would be left to the Board of Aldermen. The Mayor asked the aldermen for their position on whether to investigate. Four of the aldermen indicated they were in favor of an investigation. Alderman Wilson did not respond to the Mayor’s inquiry. Thereafter, the City retained an outside investigator to begin an inquiry into the allegations against Alderman Wilson.

Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and potential for litigation as referenced by Alderman Wilson, the City of Frederick does not have further comment at this time.”