Frederick County Health Officer Tries To Maintain Vaccine Allocation Integrity



She says she has read about a scheme on social media for residents to take advantage of the system

Frederick, MD (KM) Residents 65 and older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Maryland, but the Frederick County Health Department said due to the limited supply of the vaccine, it’s only available to those born in 1949 or before.

Health Officer Dr. Barbara Brookmyer said if you have registered with the county, and received the vaccine at another location, contact the county and unregister.

“If you’ve already gotten your vaccine, please unsubscribe from the Frederick County government’s vaccine and trust form from our pre-registration system,” she stated.

This will help the county plan and move on to the people sooner on the list who are still waiting for a vaccine.

Doctor Brookmyer said she has also read on social media where people are being advised to pose as educators to receive their shots early. She strongly discourages anyone from doing so.

“From the Health Department, we are trying to do our part to try to maintain the integrity of the fairness of the allocation, as well as the fairness in determining somebody’s eligibility for the group they come in for,” she explained.

Doctor Brookmyer said she understands people’s frustration with the situation.

She said people who come to the Health Department clinics are asked to verify their employment.