Gas Prices Shoot Up In Maryland









AAA says it’s due to increased demand but tight supplies.



Towson, Md (KM) The cost of filling up has gone up considerably.    AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price in Maryland is $2.83 per gallon, and in Frederick, it’s $2.80. Spokeswoman Ragina Ali says in both instances, the price has increased by five-cents since last week, and 60-cents more than a year ago at this time time.

“We’ve seen tightened supplies and increasing demand,” she says.

Nationally,   AAA says the average price at the pump is $2.86 per gallon, an increase of nine-cents from last week, 36-cents less from February, and 60-cents last than last year.

And Ali says that probably won’t change anytime soon. “On average, Americans are paying about 14% to fill up their cars since February,” she says. “And with the increased demand and tighter gasoline supplies, we’re looking at more expensive pump prices with little relief in the weeks ahead.”

But there is some good news. :”The price of crude, which accounts for more than half of the price at the pump, did show some signs of stability in the week, fluctuating between $64 and $66 per barrel,” she said.

“If crude continues to sustain at this level, especially as refinery utilization begins to increase,” Ali continues. “The chomps at the pumps are likely not to be so substantial by April.”

AAA has a number of resources to help motorists save on fuel. One is Fuel Price Finder at, which locates the lowest fuel prices in your area. Another method is  called Fuel Cost Calculator at  helps drivers budget their travel expenses. And there’s also TripTik Moble at, which plots  fuel prices along your travel route.



By Kevin McManus