Frederick County Executive Calls American Rescue Plan A ‘Game Changer’

The plan allocates $1.7 billion to Maryland counties






Frederick, MD (KB) The American Rescue Plan signed into law on Thursday is a “game changer.” That’s according to Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner. She said Maryland was allocated a significant portion of the nearly $2 trillion dollar plan.

“Maryland counties and municipalities will receive $2.317 billion dollars — $1.7 billion to Maryland counties, including Baltimore City, and $589 million to Maryland municipalities,” said Gardner.

Gardner said out of those funds, Frederick County will receive $50 million for county government and $45 million for municipalities. She said the money can be used to improve education and help businesses, among other things.

“We’ll be able to look at improving access to behavioral mental health, addiction, health disparities, and other things. We’ll be able to improve housing stability,” Gardner explained.

She explained how these funds will impact residents of the county.

“It will provide funding for the delivery of vaccines, which again, we do expect we’re going to see supplies increase exponentially in April and May, and it will help people with a variety of other types of assistance — funding for rental assistance, food, utilities, and more,” Gardner said.

The County Executive said the money cannot be used to cut taxes or supplement pension funds.