Jessica Fitzwater Announces Candidacy For Frederick County Executive

The election will happen in 2022








Frederick, MD (KB) Jessica Fitzwater, a Smithsburg native, is running for Frederick County Executive in 2022. She is currently a member of the County Council.

“Since day one, I approached my time on the Council with fierce dedication to work hard, to listen and learn, to stand up for the things that really matter, and to not back down from a challenge,” she explained. “To hold myself accountable, to stay true to my word, and to recognize that I am only as strong as the voices of my community.”

She said one of her most recent accomplishments was helping to establish an Immigrant Affairs Commission for the county.

Fitzwater listed some of her core values during her announcement on Facebook Live.

“I am someone who values hard work and being fully present. I value preparation and care. I value listening, growing, and learning — directness and humility,” she said.

Perhaps above all, Fitzwater said she values family, which to her, means authenticity and honesty.

Fitzwater said she is passionate about creating opportunity for all. She believes in making public education a priority, continuing to innovate, fostering economic development, and offering diverse affordable housing options for working families.

“I understand that social progress and a strong economy go hand-in-hand,” she stated. “I believe that we are all responsible for acknowledging, addressing, and solving the inequities and disparities that keep us from being, truly, a county for all.”

Fitzwater said she has been able to accomplish a lot as a part-time County Councilmember, a full-time educator, a young mother, an activist, and community member.

“What I have been able to give with my evenings, my weekends, my spare hours when I can find them — just imagine what we can accomplish together in the future when I’m your full-time County Executive,” she said.

Currently, County Executive Jan Gardner can only serve two consecutive terms and cannot seek re-election.