Frederick County Executive Expands Mobile Crisis Services

Services will be available to adults 12 hours a day, 7 days a week







Frederick, MD (KB) At a public information briefing on Tuesday, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner announced the expansion of Mobile Crisis Services.

“I’m pleased to announce that starting this week, actually yesterday, Frederick County’s Mobile Crisis Response unit will be available to respond 12 hours a day, seven days a week,” Gardner said.

The Health Department’s Behavioral Health Services and Sheppard Pratt have agreed to work together to manage the services.

Gardner said the Mobile Crisis Service team will bring together specialists, like counselors and social workers, to help address those facing homelessness, mental health concerns, or substance abuse.

Director of Behavioral Health Services Andrea Walker said the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on many.

“COVID has exacerbated or revealed mental health or substance use issues, particularly depression, anxiety, and substance use,” Walker explained. “All three of which are closely related to suicide and overdose.”

Scott Rose, Chief of Rehabilitation and Recovery Services for Sheppard Pratt, said the mobile services have four main goals:

“To de-escalate the mental health crisis in the moment. Second, to prevent future crises by linking individuals to ongoing treatment and support,” Rose stated.

The third is to help agencies and families address mental health crises, and the fourth is to reduce the cost of intervention.

Also starting this week, the Mobile Crisis Service will be available 24/7 for children. Gardner said by June 1st, the goal is to have around-the-clock services for every resident, regardless of age.

Gardner said expanding this service will help residents by offering them the support and care they need.