New Development In Police Reform Discussion In Annapolis

Frederick County Delegate says officer rights are being “stripped away” at this time








Annapolis, MD (KB) There have been some new developments in Annapolis on the topic of police reform. Frederick County Delegate Dan Cox:

“There was a significant development from the Senate, where apparently the House version of the police reform bills, which had much more draconian anti-police measures in it, has just been adopted in apparently, nearly entirety,” explained Cox.

After weeks of intense debate, Cox said the Senate had managed to pass a largely bipartisan package of reforms, which has now been stripped away.

Cox said one issue he hoped would be resolved in conference committee addressed false claims against police officers and how they are publicized.

“To make matters worse, those complaints now can be made without filing them under oath,” he said.

Cox said if the House bill passes in its current form, there could be major impacts.

“We’ve had testimony in our committee from Baltimore County, from other counties, from sheriffs all across the state, and from regular law enforcement with the Fraternal Order of Police, and they all signify that this is going to create massive resignations,” he stated. “The officers are not going to put up with having their names smeared, falsely.”

Cox continued:

“The sad thing is that, you know, our police’s rights, their due process rights and their law enforcement bill of rights, is being stripped away, apparently, at this time,” he said.

Cox urged constituents to stand up to their legislators in support of law enforcement officers.

The differences between the House’s legislation and the Senate police reform bills will have to be hammered out before a final version can go to Governor Larry Hogan for consideration.