Frederick City Submits Funding Requests To US House, Senate Appropriations Committees

It’s in preparation for the fiscal year 2022 appropriations process.

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Frederick, Md (KM) The City of Frederick has submitted funding requests to the US House and Senate Appropriations Committees. Both chambers of Congress have solicited Frederick’s funding priorities for the fiscal year 2022 appropriations process which also includes Congressionally directed earmarks.


The City’s four top priorities are:

The East Street Rails to Trails and Liberty Road Bridge Crossing;

The Maryvale Ditch at West Patrick Street for flood mitigation;

The Rosemont Avenue Intersection realignment at Baughmans Lane and Military Road;

and Phase one of the South Apron Improvements at Frederick Municipal Airport.

These projects have been identified based on such factors as project readiness, capacity to support equitable and sustainable development, their potential to spur economic development and availability of matching funds.

“To complete large scale projects, like the ones we’ve submitted for consideration, it takes collaboration with county, state and federal government partners,” says Mayor Michael O’Connor, in a statement. “Through this opportunity, we will be able to leverage City resources for the benefit of our community and quality of life for our residents.”



By Kevin McManus