Funeral Services Held For Brunswick Police Chief

Milton Frech passed away suddenly last week.






Frederick, Md (KM) Family and friends said their final  goodbyes Tuesday to a well known police officer. A funeral Services was held  at Stauffer’s Funeral Home in Frederick for Milton Frech, Jr., who died suddenly last week at the age of 56.

Frech began his law enforcement career in 1987 with the Baltimore Police Department. He joined the Frederick Police in 1989, and served until 1993, when he joined the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. During that time, he was a detective in the Narcotics Unit, and was a  School Resource Officer. Frech retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2007, and became Assistant Chief of the Brunswick Police Department. He was named Chief in 2009.

Captain Kevin Grunwell, who spoke at the funeral service, knew Frech when they both worked at the Sheriff’s Office and the Brunswick Police. “Milt was a  true public servant; he was a hell of a cop; he’s a member of a great team, a mentor, and, most importantly, a great friend; and those characteristics are from 20 years ago when I was his supervisor,”: Captain Grunwell said. “As a chief, he was all of those and so much more.”

He also said Frech had a way with people, including criminal suspects. “Milt had informants that would provide him with information years after their contracts were finished because they liked him,” said Captain Grunwell. “He had a bizarre way of befriending people and getting them to cooperate. And I just remember they’d be laughing together like they were best friends as he was driving them to jail.”

Milton “Boomer” Frech III fondly remembered his father, speaking at times through tears. “It feels like my heart’s broken beyond repair and I’d do anything to hear you laugh again, do anything to hug you and tell you I love you one last time,” he said. “There’s a hole in my heart and I love you more than words.”

After the funeral service, a procession was formed which took Frech’s body along US 15 to Blue Ridge Cemetery in Thurmont, where he was laid to rest.



By Kevin McManus