Lieutenant With Salvation Army Opens Homeless Day Center In Frederick County

The center works to provide resources to those experiencing homelessness








Frederick, MD (KB) When Lieutenant Chris Raymer of the Salvation Army moved to Frederick, he decided to get involved with the community and address some concerns.

“One of those concerns was the homeless population, or those experiencing homelessness on Carroll Creek or on South Market Street,” he said.

Raymer established a homeless day center to provide resources to those in need.

“It might be that, you know a guy a couple weeks ago said ‘I don’t have an ID and I can’t get an ID,’ well why can’t you get the ID? Let’s work with that,” said Raymer. “Many times, that’s the only reason, that’s the only thing really holding them back from obtaining employment.”

Raymer said some are in need of transportation and others are just in need of shelter from the extreme heat or cold.

He said the Salvation Army recognized that they were not able to provide all of the resources themselves. That’s why they partner with local organizations, such as Second Chances Garage, to provide transportation.

“The last two words of our mission statement is ‘without discrimination,’” explained Raymer. “It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter. If you come through our doors, we are going to serve you, we are going to find out what your needs are, and we are going to try, to the very best of our ability, we’re going to try to meet those needs.”