Frederick County Sheriff Continues To Support School Resource Officer Program In Local Schools

He says a recent incident at a local high school is a classic example of why SROs are necessary








Frederick, MD (KB) The Frederick County Board of Education has discussed removing the School Resource Officer program from local schools.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins says a recent incident at a local high school should end all conversations about eliminating the SRO program in the county.

“Excellent, classic example of why the SROs are at our schools, to be there in the event something does happen or something suspicious is going on, he took a quick action,” explained Jenkins. “It was a team effort, but that’s a great example of why we are there.”

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Tuesday, April 20th, at around 3:00 PM, staff at Governor Thomas Johnson High School noticed a Honda Accord parked in front of the school with the engine running. They told SRO Deputy 1st Class Dustin Turner who went out to investigate. The deputy approached the car and saw the driver was asleep. He woke him up by tapping on the door.

Jenkins said the man asleep was a known convicted felon and affiliate of a criminal gang.

“There are criminal gangs in Frederick, a number of criminal gangs,” he said. “Yes, they are all organized gangs — they are serious, criminal enterprises.”

The Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Turner detected the odor of marijuana, and began a search. Upon further investigation of the vehicle, the Deputy found more than 26 grams of in-bag weight of marijuana, a pellet handgun, an empty 16-round, 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson and magazine, and a box of 9 millimeter ammunition with 16 rounds in it.

Jenkins said the SRO acted quickly, and most likely prevented a future crime from occurring. Jenkins also gave credit to the school staff member who noticed the suspicious vehicle and alerted the SRO.

“This incident, in itself, should end any conversations at the local Board of Education about the elimination of the SRO program,” stated the Sheriff. “If this isn’t a classic example of the importance, then nothing is.”