Bill Being Considered To Establish Small Business Advisory Commission In Frederick County

It would represent the views of small companies in Frederick County.











Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council is considering a measure to set up a small business advisory commission.

Under the legislation, the commission “serve as a means for small business to be heard and understood, facilitate civic engagement, and legitimize issues of importance to small businesses operating in Frederick County,” according to the  language in the bill. It would also advise the County Council and the County Executive on ways to improve the business climate in the county, and represent the views of small business people.

The legislation is sponsored by Councilman Phil Dacey, who says it could have provided input when the Council and the County Executive met as the Board of Health, and approved restrictions to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. “We didn’t have opportunity to necessarily to hear from folks. We didn’t have a formal mechanism, or any kind of mechanism, for feedback with the decisions that we’re making,” he said., “And I think the decisions we made uniquely impacted small business.”

Some of those decisions made in November, 2020, involved regulations on face coverings, and restrictions on gatherings.

The Council held a hearing on the bill last Tuesday. Keith Barnes of Woodsboro testified. “Our small businesses are our backbone of our county,” he said. “And if it’s something that’s going to be put in place to affect them and their livelihood, and to be everything that they have coming in, then we need to make sure they are conferred with.”

Also in agreement was Robert Ferrar from New Market. “I’m calling to support this bill because over the last year, we’ve seen the importance of needing to have an additional venue for small businesses to be heard.

If this ordinance passes, two years after its first meeting, the small business advisory commission needs to submit a status report to the County Council and County Executive.  At that point, the Council would decide whether to reauthorize the commission.

The Council is expected to decide on this bill at a future date.



By Kevin McManus