Frederick Police Chief Getting To Know The City



He’s been meeting with residents, officers, civilian employees.

Frederick, Md (KM) Since he took over in March, Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando has been meeting with the community. During a recent appearance on WFMD’s “Morning News Express,”: he discussed how he got together with residents in North Point. “We want to make sure we address people’s concerns. So one of the things we going to do is plan a walk-about around the community where people can kind of identify problem areas,” he says.

In addition, Chief Lando says he will use a similar process in other communities in Frederick. “There’s this concept called CEPTED–Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design–and where we bring in professionals out to take look some of the physical structures in the community, and kind of give some ideas and tips on what we can do to make that are less appealing to the criminal  element,” he says.

Along with meeting citizens, Chief Lando says he’s held one-on-one meetings with officers and the Department’s civilian staff.  “And I’m been so impressed with the  work ethic and how community-mi9nded  our  staff is.  I just  think that’s great to see”: he says.” This is tough time to be a police officer, and just knowing that our guys and our ladies are out there, they still want to be involved with the community, and they’re not pulling away.  You don’t see that in every other city.  So I think we have a great team,” he says.

Last week, there was shooting in downtown Frederick on North Market Street. The Chief says it occurred early Saturday resulting from an argument outside of a bar which was closing up for the night.  . “It does appear to be an isolated incident,” he says. “But, of course, we know that residents in the area are worried. We have increased patrols in the area; specifically on the places that operate late at night, we make sure we have a visible presence there.”

In another incident, Chief Lando says  his officers were able to diffuse a situation that could have turned violent. Some homeless people began camping out on City Hall grounds. He says it involved connecting these people with the services they need. “And so I know HHS {Housing and Human Services} and their partners in the community were able get some people the help and the resources they need, and some of those things will be coming in the future. And the people agreed to peacefully leave City Hall property,” he says.

Lando came to Frederick after working for the Bureau of Police in Pittsburgh for several years. . He sys he was drawn to Frederick. “This is a place that has made me feel at home very quickly. I love the city,” he says.


By Kevin McManus