Frederick County Council Holds Hearing On Revised Small Business Advisory Commission Bill

A decision is expected at a later date.


Councilman Phil Dacey



Frederick, Md (KM) Legislation to establish a small business advisory commission is expected to come up for a vote by the Frederick County Council at a future date.

The Council held a hearing on an amended version of the measure which is sponsored by Councilman Phil Dacey. He said his legislation¬† “really has changed slightly so that the intent of the commission to advise the County Council rather than the County Executive,” he says.

Under the legislation, the commission would advise the Council on ways to improve the climate for small businesses in Frederick County; represent the views of small businesses in the community; monitor, analyze and make recommendations for existing or proposed legislation on how it affects small businesses; and review existing ordinances, and recommend changes which could help improve the climate for small businesses in Frederick County.

No testified at Tuesday night’s hearing on the amended legislation, but comments taken last month expressed support for the bill.


By Kevin McManus