‘Black Math Genius’ Program Is Coming To Jefferson County

The Board of Education approved two new positions to aid the program.






Jefferson County, WV (KB) The Black Math Genius program is coming to Jefferson County, West Virginia.

The Board of Education approved two new positions for the program during a special meeting on Wednesday night.

Jefferson County Schools’ Cultural Unity and Equity Coordinator, Tanya Dallas-Lewis, said the program is specifically designed to assist black students who need extra help in mathematics.

Jefferson County NAACP President, George Rutherford, said he supports the program. “This program is designed to aid inclusion and the wide math achievement gap that presently exists.”

Jefferson County parent and teacher, Storme Frame, also voiced her support. “The very small minority of racist people in Jefferson County cannot be allowed to dictate our educational system. The Black Math Genius program is a national program, with data to prove its success in communities much like ours.” She said the program is open to all students.

Jefferson County teacher, Priscilla Rodd, also testified in support of the program.”Programs like this make me proud to work in a district that tries to find unique ways to lift up our students, and therefore, make all of us stronger.”

The two new positions will go into effect on June 10th, 2021.