Frederick’s Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off To Take Place This Saturday

The event is rain or shine from 8am to 2pm at Nymeo Field.








Frederick, MD (KB) Frederick County’s Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event is happening this Saturday at Nymeo Field. That’s according to Recycling Outreach Program Analyst for the County’s Division of Solid Waste and Recycling, Annmarie Creamer.

“This is a residential event, not for local businesses,” she said. ” This is the way to clean out your cabinets, your closet, your garage, and the things that you may be storing in your house.”

Creamer said acceptable items to bring to the drop-off include aerosol paints, fluorescent & UV bulbs, and rechargable batteries.

“Things like pool chemicals, old fuels, garden pesticides, herbicides,” she stated. “Some folks are still holding onto old mercury thermometers and thermostats.”

She said acceptable items to bring to the event normally come with warning labels.

“Sometimes folks think something is hazardous. What you want to look for is if there’s a warning label or a mention of toxicity or the word ‘hazard’ on a product, that’s something that can probably come to the event,” Creamer explained.

Creamer said recently, these drop-off events have diverted quite a bit of material from going to landfills.

“I think in 2019, the last year we had these events, 51,200 pounds of hazardous material were diverted and processed through these events rather than dumped into the landfill,” she said.

Creamer said a complete list of acceptable items can be found at

Acceptable Items Include:
– Aerosol paints
– Brake fluid
– Flares
– Fluorescent & UV bulbs (compact and tube)
– Fuels (gasoline/lighter fluid, oil/gas mixed)
– Herbicides/insecticides/fugicides
– Household & automotive cleaners
– Mercury thermometers & thermostats
– Pesticides, rat poison, mothballs
– Photographic chemicals
– Pool chemicals
– Rechargeable batteries (including NiCad, Li-ion and computer batteries)
– Stains and sealants
– Smoke, radon & carbon monoxide detectors
– Thinners and solvents

Unacceptable Items Include:
– Any paints except spray paints
– Alkaline or vehicle batteries
– Biohazard waste
– Explosives & fireworks
– Firearms or ammunition
– Fire extinguishers
– Fuel tanks & cylinders
– Freon and helium tanks
– Kerosene, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid
– Medicines and medical sharps
– Motor oil and antifreeze
– Radioactive materials
– Regular trash & recyclable materials
– Unidentifiable items will not be accepted at this event