Brunswick Mayor Introduces New Chief Of Police

He also discusses local funding, grants for COVID relief.




Brunswick, Maryland (KB) The City of Brunswick has appointed a new Chief of Police, Kevin Grunwell. That’s according to Mayor Nathan Brown.

“This week, our Council voted unanimously to appoint Kevin as our new Police Chief,” Brown said. “So that’s kind of breaking news there.”

According to Brown, Grunwell retired from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office with a very impressive career and “lots of supervisory experience.”

Brown said Grunwell was introduced by former Chief of Police, Milton “Milt” Frech Jr., who unexpectedly passed away in March of this year.

“I felt a lot of calmness and confidence in appointing Kevin knowing that, really, it was part of Milt helping us do that because he, you know, he found him and brought him here and was very confident in his leadership skills as captain,” explained Brown.

After Frech passed away, Grunwell took over as acting Police Chief for Brunswick.

Brown said Chief Frech was an “amazing individual.”

“He just, anything you could hope for in a Police Chief or a person, you know, Milt was the epitome of that — I mean, he was just great,” he said.

Brown also said the City is staying on top of grants and funding to help local businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Listening to what the needs of the community and the businesses are so that we can be there to support them,” he said. “Last year we did a couple of grant programs, you know, locally outside of what the state and county were offering.”

Brown said the City was able to offer thousands of dollars in grants to help small businesses stay afloat and pay bills.