Frederick County Delegate Calls On Governor To End Maryland’s State Of Emergency

He also addresses forced mandates throughout the pandemic.









Frederick, MD (KB) Dan Cox, a Frederick County Delegate, had a message for Governor Larry Hogan regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m calling him to end this false State of Emergency and the reason that he needs to continue it, he thinks, is to continue receiving the Federal dollars,” he explained. “Here’s the issue, the state does not have to have a State of Emergency in effect to receive the necessary funding to make sure that our businesses and our government continues to function through this time of great loss.”

Cox continued:

“All it needs, under Federal law, and I’ve set this forth in the Committee during testimony, is a simple statement from the Governor saying that there is a need for continued emergency funding through the different HHS and Homeland Security funding mechanisms.”

He also said the Governor enforced quarantine without due process.

“He didn’t do that — instead he used the Penal code and said anyone who leaves their home is going to be arrested on-site,” said Cox. “That’s not due process.” Cox said some supporters of the Governor believe that executives have that authority.

Also according to Cox, Dr. Zelenko in New York City believes many lives could have been saved during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Multiple studies, peer reviews have been done showing that the protocols and the treatments that are available at very inexpensive treatments, President Trump was smeared for saying them, as were many of us, that those would have saved 510,000 of American lives,” stated Cox.

He also shared information about the COVID vaccine.

“This is not an approved vaccine, it’s an experiment and it’s a therapeutic remedy, it’s not even a traditional vaccine because it’s an mRNA substance, which has never been done before in vaccine history. It is not a standard approach,” explained Cox.