VaxCash Promotion Reaches Halfway Point

It’s a  campaign to get more Marylanders to get vaccinated against COVID.


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Baltimore, Md (KM) The promotion to encourage more Marylanders to get their COVID-19 shots has reached a halfway point.

That’s where residents who have received their vaccines are eligible for cash prizes of $40,000  each day from the Maryland Lottery up to July 3th. Then on July 4th, a grand prize totaling $400,000 will be awarded

“We’ve had so far at the halfway point 21 Marylanders  who’ve   come in. and have each won $40,000,” says Carole Gentry, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Lottery. “There’s still another 19 to go before we get to that really big drawing on July 4th for the $400,000 prize.”

Gentry says the winners so far have been happy and excited about receiving their $40,000 cash prizes. “They come in shaking their heads that they can’t believe this really happened. They were skeptical at first, which I totally understand. But once they realized it was the real deal, they’ve all been really excited.”

But she says many of the winners just wanted to do their part to protect themselves and those around from the coronavirus, and urge others to get vaccinated.  . “For many of them, they feel it’s a personal journey. They want to make sure to tell others to make sure they get vaccinated,” says Gentry.

Governor Larry Hogan announced this promotion last month, using $2-million of marketing money from the Lottery.   Anyone who received at least one dose of the vaccination during the 40-period ending on July 4th are eligible. Marylanders who already received their vaccinations prior to the unveiling of the promotion are also automatically entered into the contest.

Other states have also used promotional campaigns  to get their citizens who are hesitant  to roll up their sleeves. “I’ve heard from other states. Sounds like their programs are going well,” says Gentry. “I think ours is fantastic. I think we’ve got a well-oiled machine in place to make sure we can properly  do the drawings while still maintaining health privacy.”

The winners in this VaxCash promotion come from:

· May 25: Baltimore County

· May 26: Baltimore City

· May 27: Deidre Poore Eagan, Towson (Baltimore County)

· May 28: Gerard Dupree, Glen Burnie (Anne Arundel County)

· May 29: North Potomac (Montgomery County)

· May 30: Upper Marlboro (Prince George’s County)

· May 31: Carroll County

· June 1: Marnobia Alegria Juarez, Silver Spring

· June 2: Cecil County

· June 3: Clarksburg (Montgomery County)

· June 4: Elkridge (Howard County)

· June 5: Bryan Schlein, Towson (Baltimore County)

· June 6: Tabatha Duckett, Indian Head (Charles County)

· June 7: Montgomery County

· June 8: Essex (Baltimore County)

· June 9: Prince George’s County

· June 10: Clinton (Prince George’s County)

· June 11: Potomac (Montgomery County)

· June 12: Annapolis (Anne Arundel County)

· June 13: Harford County

· June 14: Prince George’s County



By Kevin McManus