‘Warbird Rides Showcase’ To Come To Frederick Municipal Airport










Showcase will be on June 19th and 20th

Frederick, MD (KB) The World War II “Warbird Rides Showcase” is coming to Frederick Municipal Airport on June 19th and 20th.

Warbirds Coordinator Pete Ballard said residents will be able to enjoy rides on one of three vintage aircrafts, including one flown by President George H. W. Bush in World War II.

“We allow people to get up close to the aircraft, talk to the ground crew, talk to the pilots. If they are so inclined, we will give them rides varying prices for all three aircraft so they can experience the sights and sounds of flying in a World War II aircraft,” he explained.

Ballard said this event helps to inspire the current generation to consider aviation as a career or interest.

“Well that’s part of the mission of the Commemorative Air Force is to educate the public on the history of our aircraft and why were they important in winning the conflict of World War II,” he said.

Ballard also said residents who are interested in riding in one of the aircrafts should consider booking in advance.

The aircrafts include the TBM ‘Avenger’ “Dorris Mae,” L-5 ‘Sentinel’ “Gayle Ann,” and the open-cockpit Coast Guard N2S-4 ‘Stearman.’

“So all of the airplanes are maintained to FAA standards and are annually inspected, actually, they’re inspected more often than that after 10 or 20 hours, and we keep them flying,” said Ballard. He also said the Commemorative Air Force, or CAF, is based in Dallas, Texas and it operates the largest collection of flying World War II aircraft in the world.

Hours of operations for the rides will be 10am to 4pm on both June 19th and 20th, 2021.