Frederick County Councilman Hagen Proposes Electric Plug-In Vehicle Bill

He says there will be more of these vehicles on the roads in the future, and the county must be ready.



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Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County is scheduled to discuss a bill on Tuesday dealing with electric plug-in vehicles. The measure sponsored by Councilman Kai Hagen would define an electric plug-in vehicle, and prohibit motorists not driving these types of cars from parking in public spaces reserved from plug-in vehicles.

Hagen says it’s no different from other parking regulations. “You’re not supposed to park in a handicapped  spot,:” he says. “You can get  a ticket for letting your meter run out, or parking on the wrong day.”

Hagen says there’s expected to be an increase in the number of electric plug-in vehicles on the roads over the next few years. “We are nearing the cusp of that moment where the rate of acceleration of electric vehicle production and use will increase dramatically,” he says.

And Frederick County needs to be ready for that, says Hagen. . “In order to do that, we have ramp up the public and private infrastructure from home charging stations to ones with businesses for their employees to ones with businesses  for their consumers to make it available to average citizen in parking garages or along city streets in some cases, etc.,” he says.

He says other jurisdictions have similar laws including Montgomery, Howard and Baltimore Counties, and the town of Emmitsburg. The states of Colorado, Arizona and California already have these types of laws.

The County Council will  discuss this bill during their workshop on Tuesday afternoon beginning at 5:30.


By Kevin McManus