Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Local Scam

One person was scammed for $12,000.








Frederick, MD (KB)   Spokesperson for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Todd Wivell said the Sheriff’s Office is receiving upwards of 10 calls a day about a local scam.

Wivell said the scam involves someone calling Frederick County residents posing as an FCSO senior leader, “I don’t think anyone has impersonated the Sheriff yet, but we’ve had everyone from below him impersonated.”

The caller then tells the resident that they have a warrant for them or a family member.

The scammer will ask the resident to pay for the warrant using gift cards and will often give payment instructions. Wivell said the scammers are using accurate name and rank information of actual Frederick County officers. They are also giving out the FCSO main line number.

Wivell said the FCSO began receiving calls about this scam around the beginning of June, more specifically, June 8th, 2021.

One person, a young nurse practitioner, was recently scammed out of $12,000.

The FCSO wants to remind residents that they would NEVER serve a warrant in this way and would NEVER ask for payment like this, especially using gift cards.

Whether it is over the phone or in person, Wivell said, “Even if someone pulls up and says they are with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and they want payment right away don’t do it. Call us. And we will send a deputy right away, to wherever you’re at, to help you with this.”

The FCSO is urging residents to report this scam by calling: 301-600-1046.