Delegate Criticizes Frederick County Council Member For Vote Against Interstate Improvement


He says Kai Hagen voted against widening of I-270.


Frederick, MD (KB) Legislators have been working to widen Interstate 270 (I-270) for quite some time. That’s according to Delegate Neil Parrott.

“Frederick County and surrounding, Washington County families, who every single day they try and send their loved ones out to try and work and make a living and come back home, but they spend hours in traffic delays in one of the worst congested areas in the entire country,” explained Parrott.

Parrott said Governor Larry Hogan suggested adding toll lanes to I-270 to help fund the widening project. Parrott said Frederick County Council member Kai Hagen opposed this plan.

“Kai Hagen represents Frederick County on this board and he voted against, I believe, all Frederick County residents when he cast a ‘no’ vote, and said he doesn’t want the widening of I-270, he doesn’t want any more improvements,” stated Parrott.

The Governor’s plan included non-toll lanes as well.

Parrott said this decision will affect Frederick County, as well as surrounding counties, like Montgomery County. He said he hopes progress on the widening project can be made in the future.