Teachers In Frederick, Washington Counties To Participate In 2021 Teacher Externship Program

They will be spending time at Potomac Edison headquarters in Williamsport this summer.







Williamsport, Md (KM) It will be a time of learning for two teachers from Frederick and Washington Counties. Walkersville High School physics teacher Steven Hensley, and Williamsport High School biology teacher Bobby Burkhart will be spending time at Potomac Edison headquarters in Williamsport this summer.

Spokesman Will Boye says Hensley and Burkhart will learning about company operations, including service reliability, engineering and design. He says the two teachers can take what they learn and incorporate it into their classes. “It  will help them form their curriculum. It generates some awareness of career opportunities at Potomac Edison and other companies. We see it as a valuable way to help develop the talent pipeline going forward, not just for our company but for the state as a whole,”: he says.

It’s  part of the Maryland Chamber Foundation’s 2021 Teacher Externship Program, which is in its third year. Potomac Edison and is one 13 companies participating. The Externships try to bridge the gaps between business and educators. Teachers will pair with businesses that provide hands-on experience in industries related to the subjects they teach. Educators bring their experiences back to the classroom, and give students the information they need to chart a future career path.

Boye says Hensley and Burkhart will be working with Potomac Edison management to learn about the company and  how it delivers power to consumers and businesses. He also says they may be able to go out on calls with the company’s line crew. “There will be some field trips for them for sure to get a closer look at how we operate, and our equipment and all that good stuff,” he says.

As the teachers pass on their information to their students, Boye says it could encourage the young men and women in their classes to pursue careers at Potomac Edison. “It’s critical that we have new talent coming in to keep us moving forward in the years and decades ahead,” he says.

Hensley and Burkhart will be spending four weeks at Potomac Edison headquarters from mid-July to early August.



By Kevin McManus