Frederick County Health Department Shares Updates On Vaccine Accessibility

Community clinics are planned throughout the county.








Frederick, MD (KB) Spokesperson for the Frederick County Health Department, Rissah Watkins, said the Health Department is working to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible for residents.

“There’s a couple ways that we’re making it easy for people, regardless of where they live,” said Watkins. “We have community clinics planned around the county and you can go to our website to find those, but we’ve got them in Thurmont and Emmitsburg and Brunswick and various places within the City of Frederick.”

She continued, “We also have the option of offering a ride to people, for free, if they need a ride to a vaccination appointment.” Watkins said to call the call center at 301-600-7900 for a free Lyft ride to a vaccination appointment.

Watkins said Frederick County is making progress in total vaccination statistics.

“We have 55% of our entire population is fully vaccinated, and when we look by different age groups, we know that our adult population 18 years and older, almost 70% are fully vaccinated at this point,” she explained.

She said there are many benefits to getting vaccinated.

“A lot of different businesses are offering incentives, different freebies,” Watkins said. “The Maryland Department of Commerce just created a website to show all the different business incentives, so we have shared that information with our local businesses.”

Watkins also stressed the importance of using credible information to educate others about the different vaccines.

“We know the vaccine works, it is incredibly effective, and there has been no data to show that vaccine is affecting anyone’s fertility,” she said.

She also encouraged those who received their first dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines to go out and get their second dose.

“Even if it has been a little bit later than the recommended three or four weeks, you can still get your second dose. It is important to complete the series,” Watkins explained.