Graffiti Incident Under Investigation In Frederick

Police say ‘Black Lives Matter’ was spray-painted at Maxwell Alley.







Frederick, Md (KM) Graffiti reading “Black Lives Matter” was discovered spray-painted on a wall Thursday morning in Frederick. Captain Kirk Henneberry with Frederick Police says the Department began receiving calls starting at 6:00. “We did get  a report of some graffiti in Maxwell Alley between East Patrick and East Church Street,” he says. “And then over the couple of hours, we got a few other reports in that same general area for some graffiti,” he says.

An officer was sent to investigate. “We definitely do a report, The officer will conduct an investigation, look for the spray-paint cans, look for any video cameras in the area to find out  exactly it happened, and if he or she can see a culprit in the act on video,” he says.

Pictures were also taken of the graffiti. “Photographs I saw the tagging did say ‘BLM, Black Lives Matter.’ A few of them said ,’ ‘Peace,’ things like that,” says Captain Henneberry.

So far, no suspect has been identified, according to Captain Henneberry.

Anyone who has information on this incident is asked to contact Frederick Police. You can call the main number at 301-600-2101. To remain anonymous, call 301-600-8477.

Captain Henneberry says this is considered a misdemeanor property damage offense as well as a violation of the city code. “The penalty usually comes down to what a judge would decide what be the appropriate penalty,” he says. “Usually, minor misdemeanor cases are worked before they ever go to trial.”

“Usually, the State’s Attorney could work it out with the offender to make restitution to the victim,” Captain Henneberry continues. “A probation before judgment or something like that would occur.”

He says repeat offenders could be fined, or face some jail time.



By Kevin McManus