Judge Rules Former Frederick Pediatrician Incompetent To Stand Trial

Ernesto Torres is charged with 98 counts of sexual offenses against 19 minors.











Ernesto  Torres



Frederick, Md (KM) In a written opinion on Wednesday, Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Julie Solt ruled that former pediatrician Ernesto Cesar Torres, 70, is incompetent to state trial. Torres is charged  with  98 counts of sexual offenses against 19 different minors from July 2nd, 2001 to April 29th, 2019.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says this ruling follows a hearing on June 23rd, 2021 to determine Torres’ ability to assist his attorneys in preparing his defense, and to understand the nature of the proceedings.. “It was a battle of the experts. Of course we had expert from the Maryland Department of Health. Her opinion was he was competent to stand trial. They had a defense psychiatrist who disagreed with that,” Smith says.

“She {the defense’s psychiatrist} thought he was incompetent due to some delusional disorder, all this garbage about believing in an evil black witch,” Smith  continues. “We didn’t buy it, but the opinion went against us.”

The psychiatrist for the prosecution was Dr.  Danielle Robinson from the Maryland Department of Health. The defense’s psychiatrist was Dr. Christiane Tellefsen.

Smith says this ruling will set back any attempt to bring Torres to court to stand trial and face his accusers. “And I guess our biggest frustration is that these young ladies are not going be able to confront him. They’re not going to have their day in court,” he says. “A lot of times this provides some closure, assists them in the heeling process. With this ruling, that’s just not going to happen.”

The Court will review Torres’ competency again in 90 days, and hold subsequent annual reviews. “That’s doesn’t mean he gets off. That means if someday he becomes competent to stand trial, we’re going to try him. That’s our plan,” says Smith. “But in the meantime, we’re standing down. We’re going to be heard on his competency in 90 days, and we’re just going to review it annually after that.”



By Kevin McManus