Visit Frederick’s Executive Director Calls County’s Tourism Industry ‘Resilient’


He says it’s because Frederick has so much to offer.

Frederick, MD (KB) Dave Ziedelis Executive Director for Visit Frederick said the county’s tourism is “resilient” because it has so much to offer.

“Certainly all the main street programs — we have five different main street programs here in Frederick County, including Downtown Frederick, obviously, that’s the largest of the five,” he said. “With all the shopping, dining, craft — the craft beverage industry is another aspect.”

Ziedelis continued: “All the breweries, wineries, and distilleries that we have here in Frederick County. Do you know that we have more tasting rooms, when we combined all three of those categories, than any other county in the state of Maryland?”

He said Frederick also has many historical sites and parks.

Ziedelis said the resiliency of Frederick’s tourism helped during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Although our numbers went down a bit, they weren’t as negatively impacted as many, many other locations and counties,” he explained.

Ziedelis also said he is thankful for the strong leadership from Frederick County and Frederick City throughout the pandemic.

“There was many different initiatives and grants that came on down — not only at the federal level, but state level, county level, and city level, and helping out a variety of different industries,” he stated.