Maryland 6th District Families To Benefit From Expanded Tax Credit Payments

Payments started going out on Thursday. July 15th.












Representative David Trone



Washington DC (KM) The US Government began depositing expanded tax credit payments into Americans’ bank accounts on Thursday. Sixth District Congressman David Trone said payments can average $300 per month for families with children five and under, and $250 per month for families with kids age six to 17.

“The child tax credits will reach 133,000 children in Maryland 6th District alone, and directly lift 6400 in our community out of poverty,” Trone says.

The payments will continue on a monthly basis  through December.

The expanded child tax credit is part of the American Rescue Plan which Congress passed in March, 2021, and the President signed into law in April, 2021. Trone says  the child tax credit was initiated to help families which were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Americans have lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost stability and homes,” he said. “We all helped passed together the American Rescue Plan to alleviate the economic stressors created by this pandemic.”

Congressman Trone’s office says the families that would quality for this credit are a single filer who makes  below $75,000; a head of household with an income of below $112,00; or married couples filing jointly with an income of below $150,000.


By Kevin McManus