Mason Carter Running For A Seat On The Frederick County Council

Carter is just 17-years-old

Frederick, MD (KB) Frederick County native, Mason Carter, announced his candidacy for the District 5 seat on the Frederick County Council, which is currently occupied by Republican Michael Blue.

“I’ve been in contact with many former councilmen, state delegates, state senators, county executive candidates, congressional candidates — everyone’s been very open and this is a large, large race that is much bigger than just myself,” said Carter.

Carter is 17 years old, said he was recently appointed to be a representative for the County at the Maryland Center for School Safety.

“I’ve worked on the behalf of US candidates, I campaigned for Neil Parrott for a little bit, I even led a campaign briefly in the City of Frederick,” he said. “I cover local government for a local newspaper in the Woodsboro local area,” he added.

Carter said if elected, he will fight to cut wasteful spending and lower taxes.

“Above all else and probably most importantly, I’m a concerned citizen,” he said. “I’m running for change and I’m willing to make it happen.”

Carter said he is not discouraged by his age, in fact, he said many people are inspired by his interest in politics at such a young age. He said he is trying to do his part to educate young people and discuss the importance of local government.

Carter referred to Michael Blue, who currently represents District 5 on the County Council.

“I really feel as though this is a winable race. I would never run if I didn’t think I could win,” he said. “People understand, Mike Blue, our current respresentative here at District 5, has turned his back on us. He’s voted yes to these high property taxes, he’s voted yes to these unsustainable budgets, to the witch hunt audit of our Sheriff. He is not voting our district, this is not what people in District 5 want.”

Carter said for more campaign information, visit: