CDC Funds COVID Screening In Maryland Schools

K-12 schools can request funds for COVID screening.

Maryland has been allotted almost $182 million by the CDC.








Baltimore, MD (NS) Jon Weinstein, Director for the Maryland COVID-19 Recovery Program says CDC funding will allow K-12 schools to screen for COVID.

Weinstein says, “We’re trying to make it as easy for schools to put a program into place… whether they’ve opted to go the route of having their own program, as some schools have already, or if they’d like to participate in our program using vendors that the state will be selecting in the coming weeks.”

The Maryland Department of Health says the CDC, “recommends a robust, school-based screening testing program as another important measure that can help facilitate continued safe in-person schooling.”

Weinstein added that screening is especially important for students 12 years old and younger who cannot get the COVID vaccine.

The screening will be available to students, teachers and staff of the school. Both private and public schools can apply for screening funds.

The CDC has given Maryland almost $182 million to distribute to schools for the screening.

Maryland State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury says, “At the Maryland State Department of Education, we are encouraging local school systems to partner with the Maryland Department of Health in this important COVID-19 screening initiative to ensure school communities remain safe as we return to full-time in-person learning.”