Maryland’s 23 Counties and Baltimore City Receiving $18-Million From State

It will be used to improve the lives of youths and families.



Annapolis, Md (KM) A total of $18-million is heading out to counties in Maryland and Baltimore City. The funding comes from the Governor’s Office on Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services. “This is part of Governor Hogan’s multi-faceted approach to reducing adverse childhood experiences, and increasing safety for Maryland citizens, in this case, particularly, for our children” says Glenn Fueston, the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office on Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services.

Fueston says the funds will be distributed to local management boards in each jurisdiction that will decide which non-profits will receive these funds. “Frederick, there’s this SHIPS and New Horizon program which works with Frederick County high school students that are experiencing homelessness to help them get re-engaged and have them find places to live and make sure that they’re safe,” he says.

There’s also another program Fueston mentions. “In Hagerstown, in Washington County, the True Opportunities Hope Center is another program that works with 18 to 24-year-olds that are disconnected from school and from work, and helps them get re-connected so that they can live their best life,” he says.

The agency’s name contains the words “Crime Prevention.” Fueston says support law enforcement is one way to reduce crime, but there are other ways as well. “Making sure that we do that by removing violent criminals from the streets. But we also want to work with other folks that are involved with the justice system to make sure that they get the programming that they need and we keep them out of the criminal justice system,’ he says.

Frederick County’s local management board will be receiving $376,065 from the $18-million grant.


By Kevin McManus