James Dale Reed Sentenced

A Frederick man has been sentenced to 7 months federal prison.











Baltimore, MD (NS) – Today, Frederick man James Dale Reed was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ellen L. Hollander to 7 months in federal prison, 4 months of home detention, and 3 years of supervised release for a threatening letter he left on a doorstep.

He was caught because of door camera footage.

The letter said that, “If you are a Biden/Harris supporter you will be targeted. We have a list of homes and addresses by your election signs,” and “We are the ones your children have nightmares about.”

Acting U.S. Attorney for Maryland Jon Lenzner said, “Making threats against candidates and fellow citizens for their political beliefs undermines our democracy and will not be tolerated.”

Investigators learned that Reed had several firearms registered to him and a room full of U.S. Army paraphernalia including uniforms, helmets, bags, two grenades, and books on military strategy.