Maryland Delegate Dan Cox Does Not Like New Mask Mandates

He thinks it’s about medical freedom and privacy.









Frederick, MD (NS) – Maryland Delegate and gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox discussed new mask policies and guidelines on WFMD’s Morning News Express.

Before the Frederick County Public Schools announced Wednesday afternoon that students and staff would have to wear masks indoors, Cox said he did not like the idea of requiring masks in schools.

He said students are super low risk and that former promises are not being kept.

Cox referenced young people’s resiliency against the virus and herd immunity with so many people vaccinated.

He said, “The science does not support muzzling our children for hours on end during school with these face masks.”

In terms of new guidelines from the CDC and the Biden administration, Cox thinks this is an issue of American’s medical freedom and privacy.

He said vaccine passports or requiring the unvaccinated to wear masks would be “a form of discrimination.”

Cox said social pressure is certainly a factor in pushing vaccination.