Montgomery County Woman Charged With Murdering Her Elderly Roommate

She’s charged with 1st-degree murder.











Gaithersburg, Md (KM) Montgomery County Police have charged a 26-year-old woman with the death of her roommate. Julia Birch has been taken into custody.

On Wednesday morning at 8:20, police officers and fire and rescue personnel responded to a residence on Spruell Drive in Kensington for a death investigation. When they arrived, Birch told officers she killed her roommate, Nancy Ann Frankel, 92. Homicide investigators were notified, and found evidence at the scene which they say  supports Birch’s statements.

Detectives say Birch admitted to them during an interview that she killed Frankel, and call 911 to report the death.

Birch has been charged with 1st-degree murder.

Authorities say an autopsy is planned for Thursday, 29th on  Frankel’s body  to determine a cause and manner of death.



By Kevin McManus