Md. Provides $6-Million In Grants To Combat Heroin, Opioid Crisis

More than $316,000 coming to Frederick County.









Annapolis, Md (KM) Frederick County is one of several jurisdictions around Maryland which is receiving part of a $6-million grant. The funds come form the Governor’s Office on Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services.

Glenn Fueston, the Executive Director of the Office, says $4,908,696.00 is heading to the Maryland Criminal Information Network. “They’ve already identified or disrupted or dismantled nearly 1200 organizations across the state, taking over 509 kilograms of drugs, and helped 127 human trafficking victims. So we’re really proud of the work they’re doing,” he says.

Frederick County will be receiving $274,462 under the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network

The Criminal Intelligence Network is a criminal justice strategy coordinated at the local, state and federal levels to target gangs, drugs, firearms and human trafficking. Frederick County is one of 14 MCIN Coalitions around the state. The others are in Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil, Dorchester, Harford, Prince George’s and Wicomico Counties, and Annapolis and Baltimore cities.

Fueston also says $1,362,537.00 is gong to Heroin Coordinators in Maryland’s counties. He says these coordinators work with local police to take down drug operations, but they also get help for addicts. “They’reĀ  integral in collecting data on individuals that may have overdosed, or have a heroin problems or addictions, substance abuse addictions,” says Fueston. “I think that we’ve referred over 10,000 opioid users for treatment out of this program.”

Frederick County’s Heroin Coordinator is expected to receive $41,739 out of this grant, according to the Governor’s Office on Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services.

Fueston says the funding from the state for these programs is ongoing, and Frederick County has done well with the money it’s received. “They’ve also seized 76 guns out there in Frederick, and nearly $4-million in drugs and assets,” he says. “That’s where you hit these criminal organizations at the hardest by taking their assets. So Frederick is obviously a positive group, showing positive outcomes and having a great impact on the community.”


By Kevin McManus