Faith Debate: September 5th, 2021

The History (and the Future) of The Faith Debate 

After seventeen years of “tweaks” bringing different “seasons” to the Faith Debate show, there’s a new tweak beginning with this episode.

At the start of the program in 2004 it basically followed an interview format.  Then it turned into more of a “talking heads” opinion show; guests have included all worldview traditions, and the conversations spiritedly tackled tough philosophical ideas and hot cultural topics.  The show has also had periods when there were no guests, but merely a one man monologue.  All of this comes together in a brand new way beginning now.

Into the foreseeable future there will be a set panel of local faith community leaders each week.  This will give you the opportunity to better know exactly who’s talking to you and where their motivations are rooted.  The issues addressed will still be profound, and the dialogue just as spirited as ever.  We’re excited about this new moment in our show’s trajectory and hope that you will be, too.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

David Forsee.  Pastor of The Church That Meets at David’s House.

Imran “Raz” Razvi.  Pastor and Founder of Conquered By Love Ministries.

Daniel Razvi.  Pastor of a home church.

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