John Funderburk Running For Frederick City Mayor

He hopes to address the rising violent crime rate.

Frederick, MD (KB) John Funderburk is running for Mayor of Frederick City. Funderburk is a veteran of the United States NAVY and has five children.

“My first goal, honestly, is to lower the rising violent crime rate,” he said. “Rape is up tremendously, aggravated assault is up tremendously, burglary is up tremendously.”

Funderburk said current Mayor Michael O’Connor has not publicly addressed the rise in violent crime. Funderburk said he has a plan to lower crime in the city.

“Lower the violent crime rate by holding weekly town halls, by addressing it publicly, by putting public pressure on different neighborhoods, by getting the public together so we can report what we see, and then by increasing our resouces for our police department,” Funderburk explained.

If elected, Funderburk said he will address plans for West Side Regional Park.

“That 138-acre land isn’t benefitting the city or the residents of the West Side,” he said. “A plan is to address that by gifting part of that to make a state-of-the-art library, to also working with developers to address affordable housing over the next ten years.”

Funderburk said he would also like to address quality of life in downtown Frederick.

“Please vote for me for mayor because the other candidates have been there years and years and years and nothing seems to ever change,” he said.

Frederick City’s primary election will take place September 14th and the General Election will be held November 2nd, 2021.

Link to John Funderburk’s Campaign website: