Steve Garrahy Wants To Make Frederick City A ‘Good Place To Live’

He is running to be mayor of the City of Frederick.

Frederick, MD (KB) Steve Garrahy is running to be the next mayor of the City of Frederick. He has lived in Frederick County since 1980, but said he moved to the city in 2006. He has experience working with Frederick Couny Fire and Rescue services.

“Plus, I’m also a US Army veteran, a medic, so I got a lot of leadership skills with working in the fire services and military,” said Garrahy.

In addition to leadership skills, Garrahy said he also learned business skills and is people-friendly.

If elected, Garrahy said he hopes to keep the whole city in mind, not just specific areas.

“Trying to get the police like three 8-hour shifts instead of the 10 and 12-hour shifts and pay raises for them and the city employees… better benefits,” explained Garrahy.

Garrahy commented on why he decided to run for mayor.

“I was just getting tired of current politics as usual and they weren’t doing stuff and never really getting no answers and if I did, I’d have to run around,” he said.

Garrahy said he hopes to attract more businesses and residents to the city.

“If I do get elected, I’d make some changes, work with the city aldermen, and everybody, the residents and the businesses, to make it a good city to live,” said Garrahy.

Frederick City’s Primary Election will take place September 14th and the General Election will be held on November 2nd, 2021.