Faith Debate: September 19th, 2021

Graduated High School at Age 11, Had His Bachelor’s Degree at age 17

Daniel Razvi is an attorney, a classically trained pianist, a former homeschool kid, a part of the Conquered By Love Ministries team, and also one of the pastors of a church that meets in a private home.  Now he’s also one of the regular panelists who will be on the show each week.

Daniel has been a guest on the show in the past, but given his new role with the program, this episode is dedicated to hearing his life story and personal testimony about growing up in a huge family, finding a wife, and having a wedding ceremony very much like the wedding feasts described in the Bible.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  Pastor of Household of Faith in Christ.

David Forsee.  Pastor of The Church That Meets at David’s House.

Imran “Raz” Razvi.  Pastor and Founder of Conquered By Love Ministries.

Daniel Razvi.  Pastor of a home church.

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