Frederick Health Debuted Its Mobile Health Clinic

It should help administer COVID vaccines and provide health care for under-reached communities in Frederick County.

Frederick, MD (NS) Josh Faust, public relations and communications specialist for Frederick Health, says it’s like a mobile urgent care for common things that can be addressed on the spot.

It is also equipped to help administer COVID-19 vaccines and take COVID tests. Frederick Health wants to use the Clinic to take the vaccine to communities that are not getting vaccinated.

Funds for the clinic came from a grant from the state of Maryland.

Frederick Health debuted its new Mobile Health Clinic at In The Streets on September 11 and administered the vaccine to people who wanted one.

“Frederick County, a lot like a lot of parts of Maryland is changing population-wise. We’re becoming a more diverse county. We’re becoming a county of varying age groups. And we’ve been able to adjust our care as appropriate and make sure that we get to the places, especially with this mobile clinic, that may have access to health care,” said Faust. “Whether it’s a language barrier and transportation barrier something like that. So we’ve been able to adjust our resources as needed to keep people safe. That’s the #1 objective is to keep people safe.”

The clinic can be requested to appear at events and group meetings.