Frederick Aldermen Approve Climate Change Resolution

It will put the city’s climate change action plan into affect.

Frederick, Md (KM) A resolution to put the City of Frederick’s climate action plan into affect was approved last week by the Board of Aldermen.

Sustainability Manager Jenny Willoughby says the plan establishes a greenhouse gas baseline which will project future emissions through 2030. It also describes future actions the city will take to combat climate change. “Staff are working on  implementing these actions items already in the next CIP {Capital Improvements Program} narrative and in the executive summaries,”: says Willoughby. “We’ll be doing that hopefully for FY ’23 budget so that’s this fall.”

She also says planning is underway to help city departments respond to the impact of climate change.

Alderwoman Kelly Russell expressed support for the resolution. “There’s been a lot of work and lot of collaboration that’s gone into this plan. I’m sorry all of our colleagues aren’t here tonight because I know we’d all support it   There’s been a lot of work and I want to say thank you for that,” she said, addressing her comments to Willoughby.

Alderman Ben MacShane and Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak were absent from that meeting last week.

In April, 2020, a climate emergency  resolution was adopted by the Board of Aldermen which recognized the importance of addressing climate change at the local level.

By Kevin McManus