Frederick County Grand Jury Returns Eight Indictments On Friday

Several were domestic violence cases.

Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Grand Jury on Friday handled several domestic violence cases.

The panel returned an indictment against Denis Tariq Jordan Accardi, 25, of Poolesville, whose charged with seven counts of violating protective orders, and one count of 1st-degree arson, 3rd-degree burglary and 1st-degree malicious destruction of property.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says on August 6th, 2021, Frederick Police and fire and rescue units responded to Misty Meadow Circle for reports of an arson. When they got there, the found the victim’s apartment ransacked, and her dog was taken. “But worse yet, the apartment stove had sustained significant fire damage. Fortunately, the sprinkler system put out the fire. What they found was the stove top burners had been set to high. There’s was clothing placed on top of them in an effort to actually burn down the entire apartment,” he says.

Smith says the victim was Accardi’s former girlfriend.

Also indicted was Constantino Palacios Torres, 52, of Frederick. Grand Jurors charged him with 2nd-degree rape, sex  abuse of a minor, and 4th degree sex offense involving contact. This was for incidents between January 1st, 2020 to March 1st, 2020. Smith says the victim in this case was child. “Frederick Police Department responded again, and they took a report from the victim who actually was ten years.  Very terrible about the defendant doing bad things to her,” he said.

The Grand Jury also returned an indictment against Cimmeron Dante Bowens, 47, who has no fixed address, whose charged with 2nd-degree rape, 3rd-degree sex offense and 2nd-degree assault. . This was a Frederick Police Department case from September 6th, 2021. “They went over to Staley Park for an indecent exposure call. When they got there, unfortunately, they found Mr. Bowens on top of the victim having sexual intercourse. She was not consenting at the time,” says Smith.

In another case, the Grand Jury indicted Robert Peddicord, 72, of Brunswick, charging him with attempted 2nd-degree rape, attempted 3rd-degree sex offense, sex abuse of a minor, attempted 2nd-degree rape; attempted 2nd-degree rape; and sex abuse of a minor.  Smith says the incident took place on August 4th, 2021 in a day care setting. “This is a situation, again Frederick Police Department, contacted by the parents of the victim. They reported that their children alerted them to alleged sexual abuse occurring at a home day care in Brunswick. The day care was actually being run by the defendant’s wife,” he says.

A child pornography case was handled by the Grand Jury on Friday. Dennis James Harrison, 39, of Rocky Ridge, is charged with three counts of sex abuse of a minor; two counts of 2nd-degree rape, one count of filming a child in a sex act  and; and 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Smith says this case resulted from a cyber tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The Frederick County Cyber Crimes Task Force served a search warrant at Harrison’s home in the 10,000 block of Rocky Ridge Road on August 12th, 2021. “During their search, they found numerous pornographic images relating to the defendant’s IP address,” says Smith. “He faces very serious allegations there in terms of sex abuse of a minor, rape and child pornography filming children in sexual acts.”

The other three defendants indicted on Friday were:

*Brian Thomas Mock, 22, of Hagersrtown, Maryland, whose charged with 1st-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit 2nd-degree burglary; 4th-degree burglary with theft; 4th-degree burglary of a storehouse; and theft from $100 to under $1500 for an incident which occurred on August 7th. It involved the break-in of a home on Old Catoctin Road.

*Lisa Marie Stears, 42,of Frederick, whose charged 2nd-degree burglary, conspiracy to commit 2nd–degree burglary; 4th-degree burglary involving theft; 4th-degree burglary involving a storehouse; and theft from $100 to under $1500 for an incident on June 23rd. It was the burglary of El Rancho Restaurant in Walkersville.

*Taylor Michelle Kirkpatrick, 23, of Cumberland, whose charged with possession of a large amount of fentanyl, distribution of fentanyl and possession of fentanyl for an incident on October 5th, 2020. Smith says her arrest followed a traffic stop.

These indictments move these cases to Circuit Court where trial dates will be scheduled. Prosecutors say indictments are charging documents and all defendants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

By Kevin McManus