House Of Rep. Expected To Vote On Raising The National Debt Ceiling Tuesday

That’s according to Maryland’s Sixth District Rep. David Trone.

Frederick, MD (KB) On Tuesday, the House of Representatives will either approve or deny legislation to raise the national debt ceiling.

Maryland’s Sixth District Representative David Trone said, “This is a normal, normal situation where over time, you accumulate more debt and as the country gets bigger, it’s like a business — as the business gets bigger, they accumulate more debt because they have more things they’re supporting.”

The Senate already approved legislation to lift the federal limit on new borrowing last Thursday.

“If we don’t raise the debt ceiling, we will default probably around the 18th of October,” explained Trone. “It will get done because it has to get done — it has gotten done probably 70 times in the last, you know, couple decades.”

According to Trone, the United States has accumulated $28-trillion dollars in debt over the last decades. He said $7-trillion dollars was added to the national debt during the last presidency.

“It has been bipartisan forever. During the Trump years we extended the debt ceiling three times — all the Republicans, all the Democrats — everybody voted together for it to extend the debt ceiling becasue you have bills and you have to pay them to keep the credit of the United States the best in the world, which it is,” stated Trone.

He said this year, the issue of raising the debt ceiling has become a political issue.

“It should not be political, it should just be about what’s right for our country,” said the Congressman.