10_15_21 Top Headlines and a Near Death Experience

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(Daily Caller)The parents of a girl who was allegedly assaulted in the bathroom of a Virginia high school plan to pursue legal action against Loudoun County Public Schools.

The legal action may also address the arrest of Scott Smith during a contentious Loudoun County school board meeting on June 22.


Allegations that Loudoun County Public Schools covered up the assault have led to demands for the superintendent to resign.

A woman in Canada awoke in shock earlier this week when a rock crashed through the ceiling of her home and landed on her bed, narrowly missing her but spraying grit and other debris on her face, as her dog barked frantically.

Police were called and the culprit was initially suspected to be a construction site nearby, where work must have sent the fist-sized projectile onto the woman’s pillow. But when the construction workers said they had not set any blasts – but had just seen an explosion in the sky – the consensus quickly became that the rock was a meteorite, the Canadian Press reported.