Frederick Police Form Task Force To Deal With Problems With After Hours Businesses

It would include issues such as noise, liquor code violations, criminal acts committed by patrons.

Frederick, Md (KM) Due to increases in community concerns about after hours establishments, the Frederick Police Department has formed a Night Time Economy Task Force. The agency says citizens have complained about noise, liquor law violations and in some cases, criminal acts committed by patrons of these businesses.

The Task Force will consist of representatives from the Frederick Police, the Health Department, Division of Fire and Rescue Services, the Liquor Board and the State’s Attorney’s Office. It will also include other department such as Economic Development and Planning, and the Mayor’s Office. The Task Force will use a collaborative approach at solving quality of life issues at these after hours businesses, city officials say. . .

“When it comes to addressing community complaints related to liquor-serving establishments, law enforcement is only one piece of the puzzle,” says Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando, in a statement.. “We cannot be successful without engaging a number of city and county entities that each play a role in the safe operation of the numerous bars and restaurants in the city of Frederick.”

The city says the task force wants to be a positive partner in the city’s night time establishments and is not meant to be a punitive body. The task force’s goal is to educate  the establishments and achieve voluntary compliance. It will also ensure residents that these businesses are responsible neighbors.

‘The SAO {State’s Attorney’s Office} is pleased to work with the Frederick Police Department as they build better neighborhoods by leading the effort with City and County agencies to bring local businesses into compliance with laws and ordinances,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith,  in a statement.

By Kevin McManus